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Postes de travail

All our work tables can be adjusted in height individually to suit each person. Height adjustable sit /stand-tables are the best solution for your well-being and we have everything you need in that area. Add smart desk screens and accessories to make the workplace more organised, functional and personal.

Tables de réunion

EFG HideTech is a family of tables designed for the modern workplace where an increasingly large part of the work is done in the form of meetings. EFG HideTech is available with technology hidden inside the table but easily accessed from the desktop via the next generation of cable management.

Rangements & Caissons

In offices where you share desks, new needs arise – for private storage during working hours and work related storage during leisure time. We have ready-made solutions or can create custom made solutions based on specific needs.

Cloisonnettes & Systèmes muraux

We have the solutions needed to create a functional, yet aestethic working environment with table screens, floor screens and wall systems to construct areas for all imaginable activities equipped with high acoustic abilities.

Sièges de Travail

Today, a task chair must meet very different requirements depending on the way of working and what the tasks and activities at hand are. Some people spend their whole day at their work station, others are on their feet virtually all the time. We design our task chairs with these two extremes in mind.


Chairs ergonomically and esthetically designed, and flexible enough to fit in many different environments. Seating for long and short meetings, for the canteen, or just for visitors to sit down. The choice of chairs is also an important part for the identity of the room and it can signal the expected activity for the area.

Soft seating

Soft seating creates well-being and a more home-like environment at the office. These areas are highly appreciated and acts as motivator for the employees. I addition, they can be functional meeting places that significantly contributes to an improved acoustic environment in open-plan offices.

Symboles & Images

The core of our product range consists of our very own brands where every piece of furniture is shaped by many years of combined experience, know-how and insights. To complement our range we have added designer brands from some of the most

Qui sommes nous ?

Simplicity Quality

The idea behind our product range is very basic. Our interior solutions should be made up of products that meet real demands and needs whether they are in regards to price, function, color or design. Apart from these aspects, the environment and an overall sustainability focus are top priority in our product design. Our goal is to always be at the forefront when it comes to cost effectiveness and creating solutions that support true customer needs. Find us here

  • Customer Focus

    Striving for customer satisfaction through personal interaction


    Quality is central to every decision we make

  • Respect

    We treat others with dignity, respect and open communication

  • Goal oriented

    We have a passion for results and create value for our customers


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